Dr. Chia-Hsiang Lin (林家祥)

Assistant Professor

Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research
National Central University

Office: R3-232, CSRSR
Tel.: +886-3-4227151 ext. 57698
E-mail: chiahsiang.steven.lin@gmail.com

Latest News

  • (Aug. 2018) I have received Einstein Grant Award (科技部「愛因斯坦培植計畫」) from Ministry of Science and Technology!
  • (Aug. 2018) I have joined Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University!


Abroad Academic Experience

Research Interests

  • Remote Sensing & Satellite Imagery Analysis:
    • - Identifiability analysis for blind hyperspectral unmixing criteria.
    • - Fast and fully unsupervised algorithm design for blind hyperspectral unmixing.
    • - Super-resolution imaging via big data fusion/analysis and large-scale optimization.
    • - Mathematical modeling and criterion design for ill-conditioned blind inverse problem.
  • Bio-informatics Extraction & Biomedical Imaging:
    • - Convex optimization-based pharmacokinetic analysis for DCE-MR imaging.
    • - Source detection via information theory-based minimum description length criterion.
  • Network Science & 5G Wireless Communications:
    • - Coordinated beamforming for massive MIMO enabled heterogeneous cellular networks.
    • - Dynamic game with heterogeneous players for large complex network modeling.

Honors and Awards

  • (New!) Einstein Grant Award from Ministry of Science and Technology, from 2018 to 2023.
  • Best Doctoral Dissertation Award from IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society, 2016.
  • Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from Chinese Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (IPPR) Society, 2016.
  • Honorary Member of The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society, 2016 (for top 1% of the graduates of NTHU).
  • International Visiting Scholarship, USD 24,000, National Institutes of Health (NIH), MD, USA, 2015 (for visiting Virginia Tech).
  • International Visiting Scholarship, NTHU, 2014 (for visiting CUHK).
  • President Scholarship, NTHU, 2011 (for the best student of ICE, NTHU).
  • One of the Top 5 Members of University’s Go Team, NTHU, for 2009 and 2010.
  • Marathon Competition (completed 5 international full (42.195km) marathons).
  • Entrance Scholarship of Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), NTHU, 2005 (for top 10 best students of EE, NTHU).
  • Primary Selected Student for the Physics Olympics National Team, 2004.